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A German Dream
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"To promote the land of its birth, uphold the social and cultural ethos of its people, and to enhance their lives and livelihoods, by propagating globally their histories and stories, artistic expressions and spiritual consciousness, and thus ensuring for this land its own unique place in the affairs of the world."

Area of operation:- : GLOBAL


  • Audio-visual mass-media (cinema, documentaries, television communication, radio, multimedia etc.);
  • Performing and fine arts (theatre, music, dance, painting, sculpture etc.);
  • Commercial art (advertisement, animation, architecture, photography, designs etc.);
  • Publications (books, journals, reviews, criticisms, print media, newspapers);
  • Research projects and research findings;
  • Creative and artistic works (screenplays, stage-plays, literature);
  • To conduct Seminars and advocacy forums and any other opportunities in the fields of science and technology, agriculture, eco-tourism, education, public health, spiritual and traditional knowledge and practices and others.


  • To manage all its affairs and activities professionally, and strive for excellence in all its projects and programs by maintaining high ethical, aesthetical, technical and qualitative standards.
  • To explore means and ways to initiate, launch, advertise, promote, distribute and market the various projects and programs.
  • To register, apply for and attain any copyright, trademarks, or intellectual property rights, wherever applicable, on all logos, names, captions, slogans, products, designs, concepts, ideas, strategies and solutions, creative and artistic works, audio-visual products, performing and fine arts, commercial arts, publications, research findings which are original to and conceived, created, evolved, owned and used by AARHI.
  • To take over, absorb, amalgamate with any other organization whose objectives are similar to and will aid in the advancement and achievement of AARHI's objectives.
  • AARHI may approach for and avail of any facilities, privileges and logistic support, offered or rendered to it as gestures of goodwill, or participation by its own Members, well wishers, supporters, donors, or any other individuals and organizations as per mutual understanding to be arrived at for the purpose between both parties.


    AARHI is presently planning to launch a multi lingual feature film as part of its efforts to reach out to a larger number of people in India and abroad. The film will be the first important step for AARHI in its effort to reach out to a world audience and show on-screen the untold, unseen stories, from the land of the Assamese people. The technical crew of the film production will comprise of alumni of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, the premier film school of the country.

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    one horned rhino


    Tofu, a healthy food you can happily overeat as it is low in cholesterol and calories, high in proteins and vitamins. Tofu, much like paneer or cottage cheese can be devoured with rice, roti, chapatti, sandwiches or raw with salad. Tofu is now available in Assam.
    Marketed by R.J. Foods from its own production unit for Soy Milk and Tofu in Guwahati.